French Lawyer Imprisoned For Treason For Helping Reiner Fuellmich Prove World Leaders Committed Crimes Against Humanity With C-19!

One attorney assisting Rein Fuelmich to prove that world leaders have committed crimes against humanity in the name of C-19 has been imprisoned in France due to terrorism and treason.

Virginia de Araujo Recchia, a French attorney who participated in the work of the Citizen Jury with Reiner Fuellmich, was arrested in her home on March 22, in front of her children. The arrests happened three weeks before the French presidential elections.

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Fuellmich’s team knew that the charges involved counterterrorism and treason and related it to the work she does for the people.

Virginia de Araujo Recchia, in collaboration with Jean-Pierre Joseph, and two other jurists, filed a complaint before the head of the judges on behalf of the associations, AIMSIB and the Collectif des Maires Resistants against the parliamentarians who ‘’ validated a law on mandatory Covid-19 vaccination in August 2021.’’

This law forced millions of pros to get vaccinated or face work termination.

Sources close to the case stated that she was working on a complaint against the political parties and the actions of some of their members.

Furthermore, she publicized her report called Dictatorship 2020, where she accused the government of terrorism and crimes against humanity.

There is no freedom of speech, and if we speak out just as she has done, we will be persecuted.

It’s a time for unification, and we have to raise our voices! We can’t allow tyranny to escalate.

When Shakespeare said in King Henry VI, “First, kill all the lawyers,”… he meant on destabilizing a society.

If you remain silent, this could be the first in a wave of purges in the post-democracies of continental Western Europe.



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