Candace Owen Wrecks NYT By Using Its Own Words Against It

No wonder she’s a frequent target of the leftist’s attacks, she’s brilliant and always on-point.

And they just can’t take it! As a matter of fact, there most recent thing she did is give the conservatives a perfect example of how to swivel the cannons back on the leftists and wreck them without even having to say anything original.

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What did she do exactly?

She, when the New York Times pressed her for evidence for her claims, just sent back some of their own links! Announcing the hilarious tactic on Twitter, Candace said:

Received an email from The NYTimes asking for comment regarding me “advancing ideas that Ukraine is a corrupt country”—similar to Russian state TV.

I replied informing them that I actually got my ideas from the New York Times, and provided them links to their past articles.

Hi there. I’m writing from The New York Times. We’re working on a story about Russian messaging that includes some of your comments.

We not that you advanced the idea that Ukraine was a corrupt country, which matched comments we’ve seen from Russian state media.

I’m wondering if you have any context or further comments to add about this comparison.

Now, the question is ridiculous from first blush. Ukraine is obviously corrupt and has been known as a corrupt country for quite a while. As The Guardian put it in a 2015 article titled “Welcome to Ukraine, the most corrupt nation in Europe,” an article about corruption in Ukraine’s medical system:

While the conflict with Russia heats up in the east, life for most Ukrainians is marred by corruption so endemic that even hospitals appear to be infected. Can anyone clean the country up?

[…]They claim that the hospital, like government bodies all over Ukraine, appears to have been infected by corruption. And despite widespread public anger at the nation’s corruption problem, which has provoked two revolutions in a decade, no one appears able or willing to do anything about it.
[…]Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index – the most widely used indicator of corruption worldwide – rates Ukraine 142nd in the world, alongside Uganda. In the latest ranking, it fell behind Nigeria.



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