Bill Requires All CA Workers To Be Vaccinated Against C-19 Put On Hold By Dems Assemblywoman Because There Was A Major Backlash!

We are winning in CA until now.

Last month Democrat Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks proposed a bill that would ask all the workers in CA to be fully vaccinated against the C-19.

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The legislation mandates that CA businesses ask their contractors to be vaccinated against C-19 unless the employee obtains an exemption for religious or medical reasons.

Those who have an exemption must be regularly tested for C-19.

Public safety unions pushed back the vaccine mandates, and the proposal was defeated.

Democrat Buffy Wicks this Tuesday stated that the bill is on hold due to a major backlash.

“While I’m disappointed in opposition to our bill by public safety unions, it’s my hope that they’ll ultimately come to the table to make sure all of their workers are vaccinated—& that every job sector in CA has the tools necessary to keep their workers safe from COVID,’ the California Democrat said.

Kevin Kiley celebrated the win.


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