Who Stole 2020, And Who Is In Power? Zack: “Pompeo & Gen Flynn Ignored Evidence Pointing To Italy”

According to Zack, “Pompeo and General Flynn ignored the evidence that is pointing to Italy”.

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Maria Zack is the founder of Nations in Action. She also spoke at the recent Let’s Go Brandon Rally.

Maria led an investigation that she says reveals the involvement of Italy in a 2020 plot to steal the election from Donald Trump, a scheme she dubs “ItalyGate.”

According to Maria, “the plot to steal the 2020 election was engineered in the Rome embassy by U.S. foreign service officers colluding with the Italian defense contractor Leonardo S-P-A. She says Barack Obama, the CIA, and former Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi were all a part of the plot too. The plot was this: Hack U.S. voting machines, send their data to Italy, manipulate the results, then use Italian military satellites to beam the fake results back to the U.S. to rig the election.”


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