When Will Arrive Biden’s Food Shortages?

Biden keeps his promises about ruining the US.

He promised to reduce the US to a third-world country if he became the president, and he’s keeping his promise.

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He will eliminate America’s fossil fuel industry, and gas prices have doubled during the past year.

Biden decided to fill America with detritus, and more than 200K destitute or criminal aliens pour across our southern border every 30 days.

He also promised to humiliate America in front of the world, and he’s been doing that constantly.

Also, Biden promoted sexual deviancy, and 25% of American youth identify as non-existent sex.

Biden made America worse!

He also stated starvation would arrive in America due to the food shortages, and this will come!

Ukraine and Russia are the main exporters of grain and fertilizer to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

But, the Ukraine war threatened to unleash a man-made famine in that country’s grain industry, but the Western sanctions have cut Off Russian grain and fertilizer to the world.

Drought across much of the US grain-growing region will reduce the US harvest of both winter and summer wheat.

‘’ At some point, the Biden administration will divert US crops to feed parts of the world, reeling from the loss of Ukrainian and Russian grain and fertilizer. The White House will announce a plan to make up for the loss by shipping America’s dwindling food supply to Europe and Africa, much as the administration has offered to backfill Europe with American natural gas.

This grain-export policy will put further price pressures on food in the US, driving up inflation, increasing shortages, and diverting more personal income toward basic necessities like food, housing, and transportation.’’ TGP reported.

But, regarding the farming cycles, we can see that shortages will arrive right on the 4th of July. The FDA and CDC will lower recommended daily allowances of foods.

Regarding the plus size, 40% of Americans are obese, so most of the population will use a diet.

It will be an adventure. You can see what happened to America in one year…

Barack Obama said, “never underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.”



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