WAYNE ROOT: How President Trump and The GOP Will Take Back America

Greatness is on the way!

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Americans who voted for Biden are getting exactly what they voted for…

– Out of control inflation – with soaring gas, energy, food, and housing prices.
– Open borders- with illegal aliens stealing jobs from citizens, causing a crimewave in every big city, ruining the healthcare and public school systems, and overwhelming America with massive levels of unimaginable debt.
– Schools becoming centers of critical race brainwashing, and transgender and sexual identity indoctrination, not education.
– Parental rights ignored and government taking over control of our children.
– Politicians and the deep state are getting more powerful, while ensuring that the rich are getting richer by destroying the middle class. Not by accident, but as part of their plan.
– Instead of fixing the problems of murders, violence and homelessness destroying our great cities, Democrats are focused on gender identity, allowing confused men who claim to be women to destroy women’s sports, while forcing government employees and our military to endure endless hours of woke transsexual and social justice brainwashing.
– A lack of leadership by the United States has put the world on the brink of WWIII and nuclear war. Do you think Putin would have dared invade Ukraine if President Trump were still President – not a chance!

My message to anyone who voted Democrat in 2020: This is what you voted for, and this is what you’ve gotten. Biden and Democrats have produced a toxic combination of stupidity, insanity and evil.

Anything to add on this list?


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