WATCH: Obama LOL At Biden’s Cognitive Decline

Joe Biden has been a laughingstock and a joke his entire career.

And this resurfaced 8-year old video proves that.

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Joe Biden has always been the “gaffe machine,” and the bozo of American politics.

Biden suffered from brain aneurysms. Back in the late 80s he actually had two surgeries on his brain – to his defense.

Many believe that’s where a lot of his early “gaffes” came into play, even though doctors claim he suffered no impact at all…

Now, as Biden has gotten older, his cognitive issues, which were once widely laughed about, are now so bad, that it looks and feels as if he has full-blown Alzheimer’s.

That’s what this 2014 video clip from the WH Correspondents dinner reveals.

Obama was aware even back then.

So the real question is – is he taking advantage of the well-known, familiar, and tested weaknesses of Biden now?


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