Tucker Carlson Commented Joe Biden’s Basement Level Popularity!

Tucker Carlson criticizes Biden constantly.

The Dems selected him because he had to stop Bernie, and now, Biden wanders aimlessly among the people, and his party ignores him.

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Biden wandered around the stage, and no one even noticed him.

Tucker Carlson had a grand opening on his show and explained why no one likes Biden, even members of the Democrat Party.

He emphasized how Biden was washed up in the 2020 Election process. He’s old and senile, and the leftists are done with him.

For the second election, Sanders was sidelined, and in 2016, the DNC moved Sanders of the way for Hillary, and in 2020, the same happened for Biden.

Tucker Carlson commented: Biden is certainly an adult; he’ll be 80 this fall. But nobody in Washington thinks the Biden Presidency is glorious anymore. They think it’s a disaster. Polls show that voters strongly agree. Joe Biden is now the most unpopular person in virtually any room he enters.



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