Trump And John Wayne! Are You Prepared For The Sequel?

We enjoy hearing Victor Davis Hanson, and we also love to watch Westerns.

Victor compared Trump and John Wayne in the Westerns, and that’s the time when I started following him.

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Victor’s point is that Trump appeared before Americans heeded help.

We needed a ruthless gunfighter, a person that could make a balance.

Victor emphasized:

’You want judges, he gave you judges. You want deregulation; he gave you deregulation.
You want record-low minority unemployment; he gave you it. You want to record high republican participation by more minorities; he gave you it. You want a new middle east; he gave you that. You want to defang Iran, he [was] doing it. You want to confront China; he did it. You want to change the tax code to favor investment? He did it.’’


Some of his fellow Americans thought that he was a little too harsh. Sometimes, his words were mean, but some people thought he couldn’t be a good pastor.

Trump did make mistakes, but we needed a serious fighter to take on the threats to our freedoms.

You can’t expect Trump to single-handedly clear out the bad guys in the sequel, and he’ll need us, locals, to pitch in too.

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