Rudy Exposed What Bill Barr Did Whit Hunter’s Laptop! [WATCH]

Bill Barr hit up all the cable news shows to peddle his cruddy book.

He talked to Fox News, and Hunter’s laptop topic appeared. Bill confessed that Biden knew the laptop was actual.

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Bill was disturbed that Biden linked to the Americas.

He was so ‘’disturbing,’’ and he didn’t say anything.

Bill didn’t support Trump and save the country from a compromised liar!!!

We hear from Rudy Giuliani that Bill Barr didn’t do anything to stop the fraud, but it turns out that he was doing everything he could to protect Biden. Rudi shared that Barr covered up and held back the laptop with the FBI.

Rudy stated: “FBI first had access to this information for two and a half years. They deliberately covered it up for a year and a half. And so did phony [Bill] Barr, who is making a pathetic fool out of himself now. He held back that hard drive…”

Bill Barr did everything he could to remove Trump from the WH. He also sabotaged the efforts to investigate the 2020 election by wrongly stating that there wasn’t enough evidence to change the election’s outcome.

Is that possible?

Barr is a Deep State monster!



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