OPEN YOUR EYES: JFK Jr. Cirstenw, Prison Barge, Adrenochrome, and More

The truth is so shocking – the world will not even be able to accept it at this point.

This point where everything seems so twisted and tied together in a knot – you can no longer tell the truth from lies.

Especially when the lies are being sold as truth, and the truth – as conspiracy theories.

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The World Is A Stage And Your One Of The Main Actors With A Bunch Of NPC`s..

The World Is FULL OF Clones, Plenty Of M2F, F2M + CGI Magic..[Evil = Live]

“The Walls Of Jericho Will Fall, When The Trumpets Sound” –HONK!! HONK!!–

All The Children are the most important generation of this century.

Religion Is The Cause All The Wars!!..

Money Is The Root Of All Evil.. We Are Sovereign Souls..

A Soul = [S]pecies [O]f [U]niversal [L]ight 😉 .. We 24 [Galactic] Races Are Taking Back OUR Earth!!


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