NWO Rejection: Hungarian Elect Orban In Massive Blow To Globalist Takeover!

Alex Jones covered the story about the European elections that struck a heavy blow to the globalist takeover plans.

On Sunday, the government of Serbia’s Pro-Russia President Aleksandar Vucic was headed for an avalanche victory in the country with 60% of the vote and an improvement to the 2017 election results.

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Hungary’s pro-Russia prime minister, Victor Orban, was on track to clinch a fourth consecutive term. He doesn’t want to drag his country into a war with Russia as an ally to Ukraine.

Half of the vote counted, Orban’s Fidesz party led United For Hungary, a six-member opposition alliance, 57% to 32% in the party lost contest, with 63% of the votes counted.

“We have such a victory it can be seen from the moon, but it’s sure that it can be seen from Brussels,” Orban said.

“We will remember this victory until the end of our lives because we had to fight against a huge amount of opponents,” Orban added. Hungarian left, “bureaucrats” in Brussels, the international media, “and the Ukrainian president too — we never had so many opponents at the same time.”



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