NBC Against Hunter Biden! The 2013 China Trip EXPOSED!

We hate the corruption that we see daily in the US.

Hunter Biden used his position and went on trips that have been beneficiary! However, reports say it’s linked to C-19 and killed a healthy 25-year old.

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The latest reports from NBC stated that the Biden family’s 2013 trip to China is under scrutiny again.

There are people who told us that the Hunter Biden information was Russian propaganda, Joe doesn’t have cognitive problems, and Trump is a reincarnation of Hitler.

Olivia Rondeau stated: “the only difference between a right-wing conspiracy theory and reality is only a couple of months.”



Becker News reported:

“A 2013 trip to China getting new attention this morning, not for what Joe Biden did, but for who he brought with him, his son Hunter, joining the then vice president on the official visit to Beijing,” NBC News reported.

“Along with Hunter’s daughter Finnigan, unknown to the press back then, Hunter Biden was forming a Chinese private equity fund planning to raise money, including from Chinese investors.”

Breitbart reported:

Pressed by other reporters about Hunter Biden, Bedingfield refused to address any further questions about the new reports about his son’s laptops and his lucrative foreign business deals.

“I don’t have anything further to add from this podium,” she said, when asked about Biden’s reaction to the new stories.


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