Matthew Martin Acquitted: This Landmark J6 Case Changed Everything!

Matthew Martin has been acquitted al all charges linked to the allegations of his role in the J6 riots.

Judge Trevor N. McFadden made what we think is a landmark ruling in the J6 trials. This ruling can change everything.

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McFadden stated that it was plausible that Marin was led to believe that he wasn’t crossing a police barrier when he got into the building.

That’s completely different from what the MSM reported about the J6 riots.

The judge has agreed and the people were allowed to be there.

Check this out:

CBS News reported:

In his ruling, McFadden cited Martin’s demeanor while inside the Capitol, noting that he did not appear to be screaming or crowding anybody.

McFadden also referenced video indicating police didn’t physically block Martin as he entered the building, and one even appeared to possibly be waving him inside.

NBC News added:

McFadden said it was “not unreasonable” for Martin to assume that outnumbered officers were allowing protesters to enter the Capitol.

McFadden said that the government did not show evidence of Martin crossing police lines that had been broken down by the mob before Martin arrived.


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