Malone Has Dropped Out More Bombs Than All Dems!

Dr. Malone is releasing some more truth – and it ain’t going well with the Dems!

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The ongoing narrative surrounding COVID-19 is that the Biden administration will do whatever it takes to end the pandemic. It wasn’t that long ago when President Joe Biden tried to force the COVID-19 drug on America’s workforce.

Not only did that backfire, but in Canada, citizens rose up against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for pushing similar requirements on the country that have yet to prevent the coronavirus from spreading across the world.

Still, after a slew of recent approvals for Pfizer’s Gardasil 9 vaccine for individuals 50 years old and older, the company has been given approval to administer another jab to those over the age of 50. And while studies involving six-month-old babies are still under way, this appears to be just the beginning.

COVID-19 hasn’t been eradicated from the earth, but it is interesting that pharmaceutical firms such as Pfizer make billions of dollars profit for a drug that doesn’t appear to work. Experts like Dr. Robert Malone have been attacked, ridiculed, and silenced while calling for the COVID-19 drug data to be published.


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