Jim Willie Said Cabal, Given The Middle Finger! He Discussed The Execution Of Nazis In Ukraine!

Ruble now backed by gold! Cabal has given the middle finger!

In the video below, you will hear Jim Willie discussing the execution of Nazis in Ukraine, taking no prisoners.

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The sanctions imposed on the Russians are crazy.

Russian military decapitated twelve bioweapon engineers captured in Ukraine. They are regarded as terrorists for crimes against humanity and got no mercy.

The Jackass talked to his friend, who has military experience, and he mixed with communications teams and infantry.

He stated that 95% likely true the beheading by whatever manner.

The Biolabs engineers are considered terrorists that want to kill the world population.

Also, they didn’t have protection by any conventions, Russian military forces overran the labs, and the engineers were captured before the entire facilities were completely destroyed.

Furthermore, the DARPA funded some of the biological labs, with staff from America, France, and German biochemistry engineers.

Their job is to create viruses with a gain of function which targets specific ethnic groups. These facilities want Russian DNA samples for their targeted designs.

Vladimir Putin had a press conference on March 18, claiming to be the last update until the war was over.

Also, he informed that he ordered the execution of 12 international bioweapon engineers where Russian forces had captured Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities.

Putin said that the engineers were transnational criminals, stating that Ukraine won’t be a breeding ground for Western pestilence.

These scientists were forced to watch the grisly scene, and many pleaded for their lives in vain.

Putin stated he had captured them alive because he wanted to send a clear message to the CEOs of the bioweapon facilities.

Watch the video below:


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