James Woods Jumps Back Un Political Battle Just In The Rightest Time!

It becomes clearer as time goes on just how much “election meddling” Big Tech engaged in back in 2020.

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It was an “all bets are off” desperate situation, and the Dem payroll, from media to Big Tech, went full steam ahead to ensure that Joe Biden’s truth did not emerge. They couldn’t risk it happening because selling the “81 million” votes tale would be tough enough as it is.

Here’s what James Woods said: “Sadly it has become obvious that Twitter and indeed all Big Tech social media platforms are propaganda organs of the Left and nothing more. The relentless censorship of simple common sense has destroyed these once valuable forums as they have rotted from within.”

Everything the left touches turns to ash.

But this fight over Big Tech can’t be like the Oscars, where we just tune out and watch them wither away and die. Social media is the new “town square” and it belongs to us, and we need to fight for it.

So, it’s good to see James back in the battle.


Twiiter Wayne Dupree

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