GA’s Corrupt Governor Kemp And Lt. Gov. Duncan Blocked Election Integrity Bill!

At the last minute, GA’s corrupt governor and lieutenant governor stepped in and blocked the election integrity bill that would have made huge positive changes in the election process.

Garland Favorito at Voter GA reported:

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A key integrity provision to unseal Georgia election ballots was blocked at the last minute on Sine Die by Gov. Brian Kemp and Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan. Duncan prevented the Senate from confirming House changes to SB89 which included language to unseal Georgia election ballots and improve ballot chain of custody procedures. SB89 language would have allowed counterfeit ballots to be detected and electronic votes to be verified.  Those provisions are essential to deter fraud in upcoming elections.

Legislators made ballot images public records in 2021 but a year-long, statewide VoterGA analysis found it impossible to use them to verify the 2020 election results. VoterGA produced a 15-point analysis that revealed electronic tampering in over 500,000 ballot images prior to certification. Another VoterGA study determined well over a million ballots across 70 counties were lost or destroyed despite federal and state retention law. Experts previously concluded in court that all of the nearly 5 million images stored have inadequate resolution to authenticate the corresponding ballots. Counterfeit ballots were discovered in the Nov. 2020 Fulton County hand count audit by four senior poll managers and two audit monitors.

Here’s the full press release:

People are corrupt and against the GA’s residents. They can’t be gone soon enough.

Kemp certified the 2020 Election even though there have been problems with the election results.

After watching the video below, please answer me, why would anyone try to prevent the better chain of custody regulations in the state.



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