False Flag: BUCHA MASSACRE: Dead Bodies Moving Around!

Russia claimed that Bucha civilian massacre was faked as a provocation as outrage builds over Ukraine war atrocities.

Russian forces have withdrawn from Ukraine’s capital Kyiv. However, there hasn’t been a celebration in the country.

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It was hard to understand and even harder to see.

Journalists who were in Bucha over the weekend found the streets littered with bodies. The corpses had civilian clothing, and some had their hands tied behind their backs, executed. Others were buried in mass graves. Over 300 residents were killed, the mayor stated.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy accused Russia of committing genocide.

“We are being destroyed and exterminated,” he said, “and this is happening in the Europe of the 21st century.”

He was in Bucha to inspect the damage and to talk to the residents.

However, this Monday, Russian officials denied that civilians were killed in Bucha.

The Russian defense ministry stated that Ukrainian forces faked the gruesome scenes in Bucha, and it was a provocation.

Watch the video below:


Banned Video CBS News

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