Dr. Sheri Tenpenny: mRNA Vaccine Binds and Alters Human’s DNA

Remember how it used to be a “conspiracy theory” that the mRNA vaccine altered your DNA?

It’s not a conspiracy anymore, according to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.

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Quote: “permanent alterations to your body” after taking the C19 vaxx.

Here’s the full video, for the curious truth seakers.

Can you restore and recover your immune system?

Can you fight off impending death from the spike protein?

Dr. Tenpenny says you can’t necessarily counteract the DNA overwriting, but you can restore and reboot your immune system.

And that’s where Dr. Zelenko comes in.

Can you “rehab” your immune system? According to him – yes!

Have you already tried his Zelenko protocol?

If you have – what do you think about it?


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