Dr. Malone Will EXPOSE 4,000 WEF Names Through Blockchain!

Dr. Malone is coming after the WEF.

He stated that he would share 4,000 names linked to the WEF.

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His list contains CVs where they work and their location and will be published using an immutable blockchain ledger.

He stated that he doesn’t believe in doxing. When one has cancer, they do everything in their power to rid their bodies of that cancer…. Including chemotherapy and highly destructive radiation.

The WEF and the people who comprise it are parasites in society.

Below you can find a segment of Malone’s speech, and after the tweet, you can find the full speech in a Rumble video!

ProCoin news reported:

In his speech, Malone called out Klaus Schwab the leader of the WEF for attempting to control the human population by initiating the Great Reset.

Dr. Malone would go on to say that he has created a spreadsheet of over 4,000 Names that are connected with the WEF and will release those names in the near future on a blockchain-run website.

Rebel News reported:

“What comes out on the other side really depends on if people value personal autonomy, and it depends on if are they’re willing to step up and fight for it — or are they ok with becoming serfs in a techno-facist situation where the global financial elite control everything you do?

Is that the world you want to live in? Is that the world you want your children to live in? Because that’s what’s at stake here.


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