Disney Employee Caught On Camera Molesting 11-Year-Old Girl In Elevator! Disney Security Investigates Sexual Assault Told ‘’Keep Your Mouth Shut!’’

100% Fed Up reported that Disney makes headlines for its support of LGBTQ+ kids and condemns Florida lawmakers for their recently passed anti-grooming bill.

In 2014, a Disney Cruise Line steward, 36-Year-Old Ahmed Sofyan, was charged with two counts of molestation and one count of false imprisonment after holding a girl in a cabin and molesting her.

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Dawn Taplin is the first female officer at Disney and second in the cruise line industry. In 2014 she revealed Disney’s previous molestation cover-up.

In 2012, one Disney cruise ship employee was caught on camera molesting an 11-year-old girl in an elevator.
Taplin recalls that they “weren’t going anywhere for another two hours or so.”

Since they were on US land, Taplin notified the ship’s second=in=command and offered to call her FBI contact.
“I was ordered not to make any phone calls or do anything. Nothing. Period” recalled Taplin. She said that she was told, “Just keep your mouth shut.”

“If a crime is committed while you’re hooked up anywhere here, it is an American, it is the United States, it is a Florida crime,” said Taplin.

The ship then departed that afternoon with the suspected perpetrator, Milton Braganza, still on board, leaving other children at risk of falling victim to the same employee. Disney had put its reputation ahead of the children’s safety.

“In my professional and personal opinion, I think they wanted to get outside the United States limits and get him off the ship in the Bahamas and just leave it alone,” Taplin said.

The former Security Officer thought that “Disney wouldn’t have gotten away with it if they were Americans.”

One week later, Taplin resigned from the Disney Cruise Line after working with them for nine months.


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