CHAOS: Chinese Are Starving, Jumping From Balconies After Weeks Of COVID ZERO Lockdown!

China started enforcing zero-Covid polity, reinstituting the safety restrictions in the country since the pandemic outbreak.

Chinese are desperate for food and other essentials, so some of them started killing themselves.

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Shanghai stated the eight-day lockdown on March 28 but enforced an indefinite citywide quarantine.

People are desperate for food!

In the videos circling online, we can see people yelling out of their apartment windows for food.

“We are starving to death,” one woman says. “We haven’t eaten for a very long time,” a man shouts.

Check this out:

Suicides in Hong Kong have skyrocketed in the fifth wave. Research compiled by the group shows that China’s suicide index marked 4.03 deaths daily.

“Researchers said the current spike could be due to isolation under Covid social-distancing norms enforced by the government,” the publication notes.

Security forces in Hazmat suits patrol the streets.

Chinese residents, asymptomatic or with mild symptoms, are isolated from non-infected people in the make-shift concentration camps.

People with mild and asymptomatic cases of Covid-19 quarantine at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on 1 April.

Food and resources are scarce, and people are fighting for water, food, and limited supplies.

Several children piled into a metal-barred cot are wheeled through the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Centre as they are separated from their families after having contracted Covid

Under China's unbending virus controls, anyone found positive - even if they are asymptomatic or have a mild infection - must be isolated from non-infected people. That includes children who test positive but whose family members do not, health officials confirmed on Monday, defending a policy which has spread anxiety and outrage across the city

“If the child is younger than seven years old, those children will receive treatment in a public health center,” Wu Qianyu, an official from the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, stated this Monday. “For older children or teenagers… we are mainly isolating them in centralized [quarantine] places.”



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