BREAKING NEWS: NIH Confessed They Covered Up Wuhan Lab Evidence!

We expect to see arrests, trials, and capital punishment on the people responsible for the C-19 pandemic. That’s the biggest crime against humanity in the 20th century.

Every sane person knows that the pandemic was fake from the start until the end. Those who believe in the government after this, they are in possession of the government.

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The latest reports claim that NIH confessed that they hid evidence linked to the C-19 gene sequence in Wuhan.

The same official dances around the claim that they deleted the evidence, and he has seen these semantic word games played by the same people since the beginning of this calculated crime against humanity.

We have covered the story about the lab leak hypothesis for two years, and mountains of evidence exist that support this theory.

Below you can find some evidence that supports the theory.

The Epoch Times covered this story:

A National Institutes for Health (NIH) spokesman is disputing a non-profit watchdog group’s claim that the agency “deleted” genetic sequencing data on the CCP virus from a Chinese lab, but the same official acknowledged the data was “suppressed.”

“The headline says the sequences were deleted which is inaccurate. They were not deleted. This is a really important point, and I’ve highlighted what did happen from what we provided to you earlier this week,” NIH Media Branch Chief Amanda Fine told The Epoch Times in a March 31 email.

Vanity Fair also reported on this:

Bloom’s paper was the product of detective work he’d undertaken after noticing that a number of early SARS-CoV-2 genomic sequences mentioned in a published paper from China had somehow vanished without a trace.

The sequences, which map the nucleotides that give a virus its unique genetic identity, are key to tracking when the virus emerged and how it might have evolved.

In Bloom’s view, their disappearance raised the possibility that the Chinese government might be trying to hide evidence about the pandemic’s early spread.

Piecing together clues, Bloom established that the NIH itself had deleted the sequences from its own archive at the request of researchers in Wuhan.

Now, he was hoping Fauci and his boss, NIH director Francis Collins, could help him identify other deleted sequences that might shed light on the mystery.


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