Biden Gets Completely Ignored While Dems Shower Love on Former President Obama

Former President Barack Obama returned triumphantly to the White House on Tuesday and quickly resumed his place at the center of the Democrats’ universe.

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“It feels like the good old days,” President Joe Biden said about having his former boss back at the White House.

Obama introduced “Vice President Biden” in his opening remarks before correcting himself.

“That was a joke!” he exclaimed.

“It is good to be back in the White House. It’s been a while,” Obama added. “I confess I heard some changes have been made by the current President since I was last here. Apparently, Secret Service agents have to wear aviator sunglasses now. The Navy Mess has been replaced by a Baskin-Robbins. And there’s a cat running around.”

Biden, for his part, joked about being Barack Obama’s Vice President.


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