Trump Would ‘Probably’ Not Return to Twitter If Allowed: Calls The Platform “Very Boring”

The fuss about Elon Musk buying Twitter off, and making it once again a platform that supports free speech was in the center of media attention.

And with a lot of previous statements on the matter – we all know how he feels about President Trump and what the Twitter society and owners have done to censor him.

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The president, on the other hand, has stated that he had no intention of returning to Twitter. If Tesla CEO Elon Musk were to restore his account in an interview with Americano Media that was broadcast on Wednesday, it was asked about his return.

With regard to his Truth Social platform, the former president said, “We’re doing a major platform right now, so I probably wouldn’t have any interest.”

In my opinion, Twitter has now become a complete waste of time. In the past few months, they’ve gotten rid of many of their best voices on social media, including many conservative views said the former President.


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