Pollster On DeSantis! He Won’t Run If Trump Runs! [WATCH]

Pollster Richard Baris dumped cold water on the idea of a rivalry between Trump and DeSantis.

But DeSantis won’t run if Trump runs. Baris stated this because DeSantis believes that the election was stolen.

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Watch the video below, and you have a transcript.

“I got texts from people in Trump orbit and DeSantis orbit. What the f*ck. This is exactly what they are talking about. Telling him to look him dead in the eye because he feels this election was stolen Let me just tell you, let me just make this clear for everybody.

So, if Trump does run again…it is not even so much the loyalty to Donald Trump, it’s the fact that he believes this election was stolen from Trump. So, if Trump wants to come and take it back it’s his to take back. I understand there are a lot of loyal DeSantis people out there but I am not doing it.

Neither one of them want me to do it. They just think it’s trouble-making. So, I’m telling you he looked dead in the eye and said if he runs I will not run. He told everybody…at his damn cabinet was at that event. The lieutenant governor was at the event sitting two feet away and everybody heard it. He will not run if Donald Trump runs. End of story.

Breitbart reported.

The Florida Republican governor argued the insinuation of friction between him and the former president was something of a media creation meant to distract from the struggles of President Joe Biden.

“The corporate media is trying to manufacture something where something doesn’t exist,” he said. “Look, when I ran for governor, he endorsed me when everyone said, don’t do it. And he had my back, and then when he ran for reelection, we had his back in Florida, raised a bunch of money. He had a great margin of victory in Florida. We see eye to eye on all of the big issues.”

“And so, I have zero, zero animosity or anything,” DeSantis added. “And they’re just trying to create divisions. And why are they doing that, Laura? Because they know Biden is failing. He had the worst first year of any president in the United States history since the 1800s. And they know he’s failing on all fronts. So, they’re trying to divert attention away from those failures and trying to create fissures in the Republican Party. That ain’t going to happen.”



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