Pfizer CEO Promoted Annual C-19 Vaccination For Greater “Compliance” [WATCH]

Albert Bourla, the Pfizer CEO, announced that he is working on a brand new C-19 shot that can be taken every year so the people could become more compliant in taking the “vaccines” against coronavirus.

He issued a terrible comment in his press briefing organized by the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA). The event happened this Wednesday, where people discussed the creation of the new C-19 shot.

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“What the world really needs is a vaccine that can last a year,” Bourla stared.

LifeSiteNews reported:

The head of the pharmaceutical giant described this idea as “the optimal public-health solution,” arguing that it would be easier to get the public to comply with a yearly vaccination, as opposed to vaccination every three or four months.

“A vaccine that will be taken once a year is way [easier] to administer and [to] have the population be compliant with it,” he said.

When asked by media briefing host Claire Doole about his prognosis regarding COVID and the alleged need for vaccination, Bourla replied that the virus is “very difficult to eradicate.”

“The most likely scenario is that the virus will continue being with us for the years to come,” he said.

You can see how Bourla isn’t even hiding that the shot isn’t created for the people’s health but for compliance.

Everything emerged when one person stated that people spread COVID misinformation and were criminals.

At the press briefing, Bourla also added that there was a lack of enthusiasm for COVID-19 booster shots.

“The issue is that right now, we are in many, many countries in the fourth dose, and that creates a fatigue,” he said.

“Way more people got the second [dose] than the third … [and] I think the compliance with the fourth dose will not be as high as we have had [previously],” he added.

Everything happens because, with every booster shot, people are waking up. After all, they notice the harm the shots are causing!


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