Newt Gingrich: Theory On How The 2020 Election Actually Went Down

The author who wrote Reagans’ biography recently said, if President Trump adds Newt Gingrich to his campaign, he’ll win for certain in 2024.

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Predictions might be coming true since Newt just went on the “official record” and correctly sided with President Trump about the sham 2020 election.

And I know from what happened to Mo Brooks, that if you don’t stand with President Trump and all his voters against that two-bit, phony election, he will not back you up.

According to The Western Journal,

“Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who is known to be very level-headed, said something was fishy about the 2020 election.”

And now, he’s sharing his theory on what went down that day… or in this case, before that day.

“In my mind, they were clearly rigging the election,” Gingrich said in the movie.

“I’m not convinced that the election was stolen on Election Day. I think the bigger story was that across the whole country for months, there was an effort to rig the election to make it virtually impossible for Trump to win.”


Western Journal Wayne Dupree

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