Naomi Wolf With A WARNING: A Resounding Biden Defeat At Midterms Won’t Be Allowed! Look For AN Impending Emergency To Unfold! [WATCH]

Naomi Wolf warned Tucker Carlson’s audience of an unfolding emergency in the upcoming weeks to help Biden and Dems in the upcoming election.

You should expect more lockdowns from the globalists in the weeks that come.

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Naomi Wolf: 2020 was the story. It launched a narrative. The narrative is you can restrain billions of people, lock them in their homes, inject them against their will, mask them against their will, destroy their economies, suppress all their human rights, but if the narrative said COVID, that was the plausible deniability that you weren’t an outright fascistic tyrant… And you’re right to worry about the midterms. Given the history of totalitarianism, there’s no reason to believe the midterms that will deliver a resounding defeat to the Biden administration are going to be allowed to unfold without an emergency. And if that emergency keeps us all at home, all the better.

Watch the video below:


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