Lindell Wants To Remove The Machines From Elections, Files Preliminary Injunctions In 8 States! [WATCH]

On April 9, Lindell was among the people who made appearances at the Salem rally.

In his speech, he stated that preliminary injunctions would be filed against eight states to remove the voting machines from the elections.

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Lindell explained the struggles he faced in 2012, with MyPillow, during a period when the company faced financial turmoil.

He stated that “there was corruption, there were mistakes made,”

“So, I’m telling you with the 2020 election…God had his hand in all of this, and if they would’ve overturned it right away – with all the corruption that came out and the fraud and the machines and everything else. What they did, if they had flipped it back right away to our great President Donald Trump, we would have never learned about all the corruption…we wouldn’t learn about the cyber and the machines to be gone. And we wouldn’t have learned about politics in general; it woke us all up.”

Furthermore, Lindell explained how Big Tech canceled those who speak differently than the government.

MyPillow CEO stated that people like Mark Zuckerberg stated that those who will speak against the 2020 election would go to prison.

“But I want to tell you…why these rallies are so important. On January 7, last year…they tried to cancel our boys forever. That was the day, not just when they took our great president’s Twitter away, 1.2 million people, mostly in the United States, were…canceled. Their platforms are on Vimeo and YouTube – crooked YouTube and Google and Zuckerbuck’s Facebook – and all these platforms, right? Well, we know that Zuckerbuck; we learned what he did to steal our election, right? They’ll all be going to prison. They’re all gonna be going to prison. Trust me.”

MyPillow XEO stated that these findings would be directed to eight states.

“Right now, there are great things going on that you don’t hear about. We’re doing, starting next week…we’re doing preliminary injunctions…starting with eight states, starting with the state of Arizona, and the preliminary junctions are to get machines out of our elections once and for all.”



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