Juan O Savin and Denise Boland: We’re Going To Take Our Country Back!

Now, we haven;t posted such a must-see for a long time now.

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People such as these girls and Juan deserve the people’s attention and gratitude, for they have done so much. Not only for our country – but for all future generations of America.

And there is so much diversity in this video! So many topics are discussed and so many things are happening.

– We’re In A War With Ebbs & Flows

– We Have Responsibility, We’re Americans, We Need To Act Like It

– We’re Going To Get These Monsters

– We’re Going To Capture Back Control Of Our Country > That’s Our Destiny

– Parts Of The Storm Are Needed To Wash Away The Myths

– We’re Going To Save The World

Watch – and spread the word!


Rumble Before Its News

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