Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Real, And Americans Know The 2020 Election Was Fraudulent!

2020 Stolen Election!

The Big Media, Big Tech, the Democrats, and the RINOs are so corrupt that they can’t hide that anymore.

Since November 4, 2020, we have been reporting on this problem, where some states changed their hands after Trump won them all overnight.

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These changes and results were never explained.

We saw ballots pulled out from under tables, and the watchers were sent home in Georgia. We saw vans dropping off ballots at 4 am in Michigan under the Building where counting happened.

We saw evidence of the documentary 2000 mules dropping off many ballots at drop boxes in swing states.

Every article and every mention of the 2020 Election Steal in the legacy media has been edited with wording suggesting that the stolen election was a lie.

Mediate responded:

Ivey’s ad produced no evidence to back up her assertions, though they echo Trump’s countless claims the election was corrupted by mass fraud and rigged against him. Those claims have been repeatedly rejected by the courts and by Trump’s former attorney general, Bill Barr.

Since November 4, we have been hearing that this is a lie, but there has been much evidence showing that the election was stolen from Trump.

Again, we have to mention that Hunter Biden’s laptop isn’t a lie!


The Gateway Pundit Mediate

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