Global Intoxication and The Fall Of Humanity

/humanity is on the edge of collapse.

And the next step is extinction and class segregation for surviving resources.

We must not let this happen to almost a billion people on Earth!

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Intoxication can occur from a long list of toxic ingredients.

Here’s a list of the most usual ones that are currently available to humanity.

– Money (blinds people to rationality)
– Medications (especially psychotropic drugs)
– Social media (begging for likes)
– Cult acceptance (LGBT cults, etc.)
– Sex (addition, power, perversion)
– Water supply (fluoride, other toxins)
– Electropollution (5G, wifi, broadcast signals)
– Air (aerosolized toxins, chemtrails)
– Food (pesticides, GMOs)
– Alcohol (addiction)
– Recreational drugs (addiction, dumbing down)
– Television (opiate of the masses)
– Technology (blind worship of tech as your god)
– Power over others (the power to control people)

Most of the human race around the globe is preoccupied with these intoxicating substances, dynamics and powers. Telephones and TV’s are sold at an available price so they can serve as mediums for brain-washing and keeping people away from the important things.

Can you grow your own food?

Do you even know how to produce food from an acre of land?

And how do you think to be able to survive once the modern society collapses? (because it surely will)

Mass intoxication is also accomplished through the catapulting of lies by the corporate media.

In essence, this is a kind of sorcery that makes people believe they are seeing things that don’t exist. For example, the entire corporate media ran with the covid-19 psychological terrorism campaign, convincing people to mask their children, shut down their businesses and be afraid to go outside (for nearly two years in some cases).

Watch more revealing information on the topic and help us spread there word and help humanity to wake up from the burdening springs of society as it is now. Intoxicating!


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