Emails EXPOSED Secret Service Anger With Psaki’s Spin On Biden Family Dog Attacks!

Biden’s dog went on a rampage!

The dog named Major bit a couple of secret service agents, and some requests were formally submitted for reimbursement of clothing ruined due to Major’s attacks.

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In the latest email leaks, we can see that Secret Service agents were dismayed by the dog and Psaki’s response to the incident.

She stated that the dog attacked because e was ‘surprised by an unfamiliar person.’ We know that that was false!

Check this out:

The New York Post reported:

The March 8 bite actually was the final attack in an eight-day streak and the injured agent — whose injuries were categorized as “severe” by a colleague — fumed about Psaki’s spin.

“NO I didn’t surprise the dog doing my job by being at [redacted] as the press secretary just said! Now I’m pissed,” the agent wrote to a co-worker.

Just the News added:

SMH (shaking my head) .. hope you didn’t get hurt to bad [sic]. Take care,” the agent replied.

During a press conference earlier that day, Psaki told reporters that “Major was surprised by an unfamiliar person and reacted in a way that resulted in a minor injury to the individual.”


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