Elon Musk Launched Free Speech Fight With Hostile Twitter Takeover!

You have already heard that Elon Musk plans to buy Twitter and transform it into a free speech platform, which currently isn’t.

Everyone knows that Twitter is a far-left social media platform that censors accounts that share news contrary to the government story, especially regarding the 2020 election, the C-19 pandemic, and the vaccines against the virus.

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The FBI now confessed Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson were right when they stated the FBI agents took part in the J6 rally!

A Special Guest, Dr. Darren Beattle, who spearheaded the fight for the truth, was on this broadcast.

Alex Jones also had Dr. Bryan Ardis on his show to talk about the Controversial C-19 snake venom theory, and Dr. Richard Fleming breaks down the exclusive Intel on COVID Medical Tyranny!



Banned Video

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