Dr Peter McCullough: The C-19 Shot “Fingerprints” Have Reached The Brain!

The C-19 shot literally has touched every single body particle. Its structure made her that way.

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Dr. Peter McCullough recently shared the details of just how embedded the COVID shots make themselves into the human body, explaining that the shots leave a “fingerprint” from the heart to even the brain – something McCullough said is a “disconcerting” first in the realm of vaccines.

“We now know in people who have had autopsies, after being vaccinated shortly after being vaccinated, they’ve had autopsies – these were done in Vienna, Austria, and Germany – we can see the fingerprint of the vaccine everywhere in the body.

It’s in the brain, it’s in the heart, it’s in the bone marrow, it’s in the reproductive organs and the lymph nodes. This is also a first, we’ve never had a vaccine that goes into the human brain. As an example, we’ve never had a vaccine go into the human heart. And so just these observations alone are very disconcerting.”


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