BREAKING: The Border Crisis Is Terrible! Human Smugglers In Texas Drugged Kids!

The US border is a crisis, and we all know that!

The Biden regime doesn’t want to confess that, but it’s too apparent, and we can’t keep calm about that.

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The US Border Patrol agents foiled human smuggling attempts when they discovered 132 migrants inside a tractor going to Texas.

Images shared by the El Paso Sector show a group of immigrants and the driver that has been arrested. There were 130 adult migrants from Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Ecuador.

Check these images:

U.S. Border Patrol agents investigating a human trafficking scheme discovered 132 migrants - including two unaccompanied children - during a traffic stop Monday in El Paso, Texas

CBP learned of a possible smuggling activity taking place at two El Paso, Texas, locations on Sunday. At least 132 migrants from Central America and South America were found inside a tractor trailer on Monday. CBP said there were two unaccompanied children within the group

CBP said that some of the migrants have already been sent back to Mexico under Title 42 - a policy enforced by the former administration of President Donald Trump that allows for migrants to be returned across the border due to concerns of a mass COVID-19 outbreak

Back in August 2021, border reporter JuanMoreNews got a video of children drugged by human smugglers at the Texas border.

The video shows the horrific realities of illegal immigration mainstream media and the Biden regime don’t allow the Americans to see.

Watch the video below:


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