Alan Dershowitz Defended The J6er He Represents, Waved In To US Capitol! [WATCH]

More than 800 January 6 Political prisoners who were arrested after the protests in January 2021 were accused of walking into the US Capitol building. They didn’t know it was illegal, especially because the police officers were waving them in.

Cara Castronuova shared a video this Tuesday where more than 250 patriotic Americans entered the US Capitol on January 6.

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From the video, we can see that the police waved them in. No violence was present, and no crime was committed.

Cara shared that Harvard Constitutional Law Professor Alan Dershowitz represented two men arrested for entering the US capitol, and they were allowed in and are included in the video below.

Dershowitz was invited to Newsmax after Cara released her report.


The Biden administration hunts these Americans and tries to destroy them and their families.

This Tuesday night, Professor Alan Dershowitz joined Greg Kelly and talked about the lawsuits against these Americas.

Alan Dershowitz:  “He had a First Amendment right to protest the election and he was welcomed into the Capitol.  The policemen are seen in the videotape welcoming him in.  It’s not a crime to be welcomed into the crime after you’ve been waved in.  He didn’t hurt anybody.  He left when he was told to leave.  And there’s been a case that’s been decided just last week which suggests that if those facts are true, there is no crime…

… If they apply the same standards that they apply to protesters in the west– , Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and others who burned buildings, blocked access to the courts, and did real damage, none of these cases would be brought.  And you can’t have a double standard.  You can’t have one rule for the left and one rule for the right.  One rule for Democrats and one rule for Republicans.  The First Amendment doesn’t permit that.”



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