We Now Know who Was In The Easter Costume

A very high-level staffer from the Biden’s Admin!

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The clip of the Easter Bunny, who frantically interrupted Joe Biden while he was rambling to reporters, went mega-viral and has been watched over 5 million times.

The 11-second clip, shows Biden bumbling around a group of reporters at the White House Easter Egg roll — you can hear him start to ramble on about foreign affairs, when all of a sudden the Easter Bunny barrels over, waving its hands and redirects him far, far away from reporters.



As you can see, it was a goofy, absurd-looking spectacle; as is most everything to do with this crazy, and incompetent administration.

After this happening, many have wondered who was in that suit.

And now we know – it was Meghan Hays.

She is a “special assistant to Biden and director of message planning” at the White House, a role which explains why the bunny was taking the liberty to redirect the president through his engagements of the day and give him instructions.

I have a feeling we just found out who the person is that Joe is always referring to when he says he’ll get in trouble for things.

What about you?


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