Video Exposed Snake Island False Flag To Promote The War In Ukraine! [WATCH]

Snake Island false flag!

The snake island was a false flag to promote the war in Ukraine! What will all the people do for money and power?

Alex Jones exposed everything, and the new propaganda used to push the war in Ukraine with Russia.

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Watch the video below:

A group of Ukrainian border guards who told the Russian military to ‘go F*** yourself’ over the radio as they defended the small island in the Black Sea, where they thought to have been killed, now may be alive and being held as prisoners of war.

The guard is called Snake Island, a strategically significant speck of land south of the port of Odesa, had thought to have been killed but to have gone down in a blaze of linguistic glory.

There have been images shared by the Russian Defense Ministry that said that the Ukrainian service members are, in fact, still alive.


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