Vaccinated American Airlines Pilot Suffered Cardiac Arrest Six Minutes After Landing! The Flight Had 200 Passengers! [WATCH]

A terrible accident may have happened.

Daniel Horowitz from The Blaze tweeted this:

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“On April 9, 2022 American Airlines Captain Robert Snow experienced a severe post-vaccination cardiac arrest inside the cockpit of Airbus 321 carrying nearly two hundred souls,” Horowitz tweeted.

“The event took place at the gate six minutes after landing. This near miss is a direct result of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) overlooking their own safety regulations for brazenly political purposes relating to the dangerous COVID-19 vaccine mandate policies.”

Joshua Yoder from the US Freedom Flyers was on the Stew Peters Show to talk about the possible catastrophe and expose the airline cover-up!

Watch this video on Rumble:

American Airlines Captain Bob Snow shared this message about his condition and the possible fatal catastrophe that could have killed 200 people!


Captain Robert Snow went into cardiac arrest six minutes after landing in Dallas. This is his interview from the ICU. His airline mandated that he receive an experimental medical treatment. His flying career is now over.

In December, one group of lawyers and doctors familiar with health care protocols in civilian and military aviation lettered the FDA and CEOs of all airlines companies to warn them about the vaccinated pilots.

The team of legal and medical professionals said that the vaccinated pilots couldn’t fly for one year!


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