Secret Service Doesn’t Have Records Of Visitors To Biden’s Delaware Homes!

The US Secret Service doesn’t have records of who goes to Biden’s residence when away from Washington! Biden sped 25% of his presidency stationed at his Delaware Homes, but the USSS didn’t record Biden’s visitors in the past year and more.

The New York Post reported:

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“The Post sought more than one year of visitor log records, including for Biden’s first year in office, but Secret Service Freedom of Information Act officer Kevin Tyrrell wrote in a response dated Monday that “the Secret Service FOIA Office searched all Program Offices that were likely to contain potentially responsive records, and no records were located

…Tom Fitton, president of the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, which also has sued for presidential visitor logs, accused the Secret Service of playing a “shell game” — potentially claiming that the Delaware logs belong to the White House rather than the protective agency.

“Obviously the Secret Service knows and tracks who is visiting President Biden at his homes in Delaware and they are playing a shell game with the public to keep that information secret,” Fitton said.”

These records are crucial, especially with Hunter’s laptop situation. Not only Hunter is under investigation for tax fraud, and the contents of the laptop are starting to catch some traction.

Documents and images show the family Biden has been in a direct connection to Mexico, China, Russia, and Ukraine.

As for the president, it isn’t out of character for the USSS not to record visitors when the president is out of the WH.

The Daily Wire reported:

“Getting records of the president’s official meetings outside of Washington has been an issue for transparency groups in the past. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) was only able to obtain records on former President Donald Trump’s meetings at his Florida resort Mar-a-Lago because of records kept by the Trump Organization, not the Secret Service.”

With Trump, these records were released, and they weren’t a conflict of interest.


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