Safe And Effective Vaccines Aren’t That Anymore! Professional Athletes And Pilots Expose Move Vaccine Damage!

The vaccines are everything but safe and effective!

The story of the government and the globalists that the shots are safe for application doesn’t hold water because we can see more and more reports and evidence that they are harming the population, especially the youngsters.

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There have been many reports of young vaccinated kids having strokes, heart attacks, myocarditis, pericarditis, etc., as a side effect of the C-19 vaccinations.

Also, young athletes have been collapsing on-field since the vaccine rollout.

Anchored by several Australian broadcasts concerning the heart condition of footballer Ollie Wines, the compilation includes videos of an airline pilot, broadcaster, and billiard player, all of whom suffered side effects of C-19 vaccines.

Watch the video below.


Banned Video

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