Joe Biden Absolutely Complicit In The Sex Trade

He’s the in-chief human trafficker!

The head of the supply chain!

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“The women and the children and the little boys…”

Appearing on Fox News, as can be seen in the video below, Homan noted, “It’s the first administration that I’ve seen in my lifetime that’s actively facilitating cross border crime. And look, people attacked me all the time, the Trump administration, ‘how inhumane were you guys?’ Let me tell you something when President Trump got immigration at a 40-year low. The border was secure. How many women weren’t sexually assaulted? Children didn’t die. How many migrants didn’t drown in the river? How many pounds of fentanyl didn’t get into the country that caused deaths from a US citizen overdosing? President Trump’s policies not only secured the border, it saved lives. A secure border saves lives.”


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