Hillary Clinton: Backing a Global Censorship Bill That Would Change the Internet Forever

The mastermind behind the whole Russian Hoax idea isn’t backing down from her ‘ruining the world’ fresh new ideas.

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According to the freshest reports, she is now backing an insidious new global censorship bill that would change the Internet as we know it.

The mastermind behind the infamous Russia hoax unironically tweeted her support for a shadowy bill called the Digital Services Act, which is gaining traction in the European Union.

For too long, tech platforms have amplified disinformation and extremism with no accountability,” Clinton tweeted. “The EU is poised to do something about it. I urge our transatlantic allies to push the Digital Services Act across the finish line and bolster global democracy before it’s too late.”

Hillary Clinton, it should be noted, falsely alleged Trump-Russia collusion, leading to the illegal surveillance of a presidential campaign and the sabotage of Trump’s presidency for years. One of her tweets is also in the crosshairs of John Durham, the Special Counsel charged with investigation the Russia probe origins.

“The Democratic cybersecurity lawyer charged with concealing his work for the Clinton campaign from the FBI doesn’t want special counsel John Durham to be able to use Hillary Clinton’s tweet touting the Trump-Russia collusion claims he was pushing as evidence at trial,” the Washington Examiner reported on Tuesday.


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