Durham Has Hundreds Of Emails Between Fusion GPS And The Press!

The greatest news is revealed, and it’s reaching a crescendo!

Reports claim that special Counsel John Durham has hundreds of emails between Fusion GPS and members of the media.

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Emails confirm what we knew! The corporate media represents the mouthpiece for the regime. These people aren’t journalists, but they are government apologists, deep state agents, and it’s coming out!

Check this out:

Techno Fog reported:

In support of that point, Durham states he is in possession of “hundreds of emails in which Fusion GPS employees shared raw, unverified, and uncorroborated information – including their own draft research and work product – with reporters.” (He even filed them under seal with the court.) These include:

Emails with Slate’s Franklin Foer from May 14, 2016 in which Fusion GPS conveys information on a Trump advisor and Alfa Bank.

The Epoch Times reported:

The evidence from the CIA can’t be entered during the trial, at least for now, “except to the extent that agency’s findings and analysis had direct bearing on the course of the FBI’s investigation,” the judge said.

Prosecutors also can’t bring in representatives of companies who maintained the servers that Sussmann claimed communicated with servers from Alfa-Bank, the Russian entity.


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