Durham Drops Bomb! Adam Schiff Involved In Russia Collusion Sham In July 2016!

Adam Schiff was involved in the Trump Russia collusion. He was involved in 2016, and Durham shared that!

He released documents yesterday linked to the Trump-Russia collusion sham created by the Hillary Clinton Gang.

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Redstate reported:

Durham also derides the claim that Fusion was hired for legal work — calling that a “novel” way to cover up opposition research and the derogatory information that they then spread against President Donald Trump and his team. He says that despite efforts, the parties have failed to provide “meaningful, substantive explanations to support these continuing broad assertions of privilege and/or work product protections.”

Many emails have leaked in Durham’s latest. One email showed that pencil-neck Adam Schiff was involved in the collusion lie from 2016.


The Gateway Pundit Red State

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