WATCH: Kari Lake Destroyed Liberal Reporter! The Most Biased Paper In AZ History Didn’t Even Run The Story!

Trump was correct when he stated, “Few can take on the Fake News Media like Kari.”

AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake stumped the most biased fake news media outlet in the state of Arizona. It was terrible that they didn’t even share a story with the Trump-endorsed AZ Gubernatorial frontrunner’s interview.

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It was the best fake news interview so far. Lake destroyed the liberal reporter.

AZ Central and the AZ Republic refused to run Kari Lake’s ‘’ Defend AZ’’ border policy op-ed only because she used ‘’invasion.’’

Kari Lake covered AZ for 27-year as a news anchor, which taught her how to oppose fake news, and WIN!

She recorded this interview, as she does with all other interviews, so she exposes the lies.

The AZ Republic begged for an interview, but Lake was the first one to share it two weeks later on social media.

No one could twist the story! She’s a pro!

Kari said, “you guys are on the side of the cartels,” and she didn’t even deny it!

Lake: I offered my border policy to the Arizona Republic. Your management refused to take it unless I took out the word invasion, which tells me that you guys are on the side of the cartels.

Reporter: Then why did you agree to do an interview?

Lake: Because you’ve been pestering me nonstop.

Reporter:That’s true.

Lake: The only discussion that the Arizona Republic is interested in is a far-left discussion. And Stacy, you’ve been here 10 months you don’t understand Arizona. I’m sorry to say that. I’m out with people every day. I’m out with hundreds of people every day, 1000s of people some days. They’re fed up but what’s happening at our border. I appreciate your time. We gave you one more question, you asked the question. We’ve given you probably what, five or 10 minutes longer? I appreciate your time, but I’m really prepared for another hit piece from the Republic. The good news is our polling is showing that every day you guys write a hit piece on me or every week, and it’s not sticking because the good people of Arizona—who I have a relationship with and I’ve had a relationship with for 27 years—are not buying the garbage that you guys are peddling.

Reporter: I don’t understand why you are attacking my you know, having lived here a short period of time. This is a state of newcomers.

Lake: I’m just saying Stacy you don’t understand what the people of Arizona want. You don’t understand the people because you haven’t had a relationship like I have for 27 years. And you’re here for 10 months acting like you know what the people of Arizona want when it comes to the border. The people of Arizona want to secure state. The people of Arizona want to make sure their kids don’t get their hands on drugs. The people of Arizona want to make sure that the cartels no longer have operational control of our border. And we will when I am governor, take back control of our border. We will finish President Trump’s wall, we will send our Arizona National Guard down to the border, and we will arm them. We’re not going to let people over and when we find people we’re going to send them back.

Check this out:

On the LinkedIn page, we can read that she has been working with the AZ Republic since 2021; however, before, she covered news thousands of miles away on the east coast. Now, she was sent to Arizona to sell propaganda, but she tried to play the victim when Kari noted that AZ wasn’t her home.

During the interview, Lake eviscerated the girl on the issues for AZ voters, including illegal immigration and border security.

When talking about Biden’s dementia:

Reporter: Are you saying Joe Biden is not sane?

Lake: I think Joe Biden is compromised in many ways.

Reporter: What does that mean?

Lake: Well, I mean, have you seen him? Honestly, he can’t form a coherent sentence when he’s speaking. I don’t know if it’s dementia. I’m not a medical doctor. But I’ve heard people who are doctors say there’s something going on. He can’t form a coherent sentence. He can’t speak off the cuff. He wanders around the lawn of the White House and can’t find the door. I mean, that’s just what I’m seeing. Not to mention that we had a corrupt fraudulent election that the media refuses to cover. And we have a resident in the White House who most likely shouldn’t be there. You cannot take an election that was fraudulent and corrupt and certify it. And so I’m not going to take orders from a man who is intent on destroying this country. This country is in a tailspin heading down. And I’m not going to let Joe Biden take Arizona with him.

Reporter: Okay, let’s just because I know you don’t have a lot of time I want to stay focused on border security and immigration…

Kari Lake shared the interview on her rumble page.

The Arizona Repugnant has been BEGGING us for a sit-down interview. They claimed that they wanted to write about my Border Policy. This was weeks ago and they STILL have not said a word about any of my policies or my vision for Arizona. Instead, they have thrown a handful of hit pieces our way. Oh well! If they won’t share what we gave them, I will just give you the full interview. Enjoy! (Audio issues clear up after 3 min mark)

Kari Lake is the Trump-Endorsed, America First Candidate for Arizona Governor. Patriots from all 50 States are chipping in to help Kari secure the Arizona Border & finish President Trump’s Wall.

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