Soros Funded Group Made Policy With The Biden Regime!

It was a public secret until Fox News shared it officially!

Many MSM refused to cover this news for Soros, but things have changed!

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Fox News reported that a Soros-funded group known as Governing for Impact has collaborated with the Biden regime to set policy.

The worst part is that the group stated it had accomplished at least 20 of the items on its federal agenda.

Soros, the district attorneys he installs, and his globalist agenda destroy America. He is banned from entering certain countries.

This is what we know:

Fox News reported:

GFI, however, works to remain secretive. It is invisible to internet search engines like Google (an unrelated “Govern for Impact” is the only group that appears in a search).

No news reports or press releases appear on its existence outside of a mention of its related action fund in a previous Fox News article on the $1.6 billion Arabella Advisors-managed dark money network, to which it is attached.

Western Journal added:

The group has proposed a wide range of recommendations, such as an eight-point plan it claimed would push back against Trump administration policies concerning LGBTQ students.

The group also wants the Department of Housing and Urban Development to change rules it claims discriminate against transgender individuals in homeless shelters.


The Western Journal Fox News

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